Sayeret Hachesed (SAHI) or “Special Grace Unit” is an Israeli organization that empowers disenfranchised Israeli youth to become anonymous ambassadors for good in their communities.

Today SAHI, founded by Oded Weiss and Avraham Hayon in 2009, operates tens of groups around the country, in the areas of Jerusalem, the South and center of Israel.

Members of the organization meet once a week to collect food and once a week to distribute it. The activities of SAHI include so much more then food distribution to the needy. Throughout the year they arrange visits to elderly homes on regular days and around the holidays; water distribution on hot summer days and soup distribution on cold winter days; visits to Holocaust survivors in their homes for heart-to-heart talks; house refurbishment and repairs for needy tenants; and creation of accessibility ramps for the handicapped in the neighborhood.