Zichron Menachem was founded in 1990 in memory of young Menachem Ehrental, z”l, who spent his fifteen childhood years valiantly battling cancer.

His parents and loved ones aspired to utilize their shared knowledge and experiences in order to benefit and ease the plight of other cancer-stricken children and their families. Zichron Menachem is a non-profit organization that grants immediate, practical and long-term aid and solutions to young cancer patients from the moment of diagnosis and throughout their battle with illness, as well as physical and emotional support to parents and families throughout the long, excruciating ordeal.

Dedicated volunteers, assisted by a talented faculty of art and music professionals, dispense support to young cancer patients in hospitals and private homes from morning until night. Zichron Menachem’s Recreational Centers and Libraries are open and accessible to patients and volunteers where applicable.